[mythtv] Shm detection + frame decimation environment variable

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Sat Apr 12 15:50:08 EDT 2003

On Saturday 12 April 2003 02:45 pm, Chris Palmer wrote:
> Chris Pinkham wrote
> > I also added in a little bit of code to the Show() function to calculate
> > how many frames are processed in the first 4 seconds.  If it determines
> > the fps is too slow, it will print out a message and will skip frames
> > similar to your mod in order to keep the audio and video in sync.
> Is this taking the first 4 seconds as a benchmark for how much
> frame skipping to do in general, or is this only under special
> cases?  I'm expressing concern because every time I play a show
> on my remote frontend, the first couple seconds (only) are
> choppy and I wouldn't want the whole show to be skipping frame
> just because I missed a few at the start.
> Or does this stuff only apply to remote-X playback?  :)

It only applies to non-Xv mode.  Normal playback is unaffected.


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