[mythtv] Out-of-Sync Audio

Chris Palmer mythtv at zencow.com
Sat Apr 12 11:29:31 EDT 2003

Randy Page wrote
> On April 11, 2003 09:40 pm, Joshua Bernstein wrote:
> > Hey All,
> >
> > 	So it seems now that I have my turner card working perfectly... It
> > seems that the audio is slightly head of the video by about 3-4
> > seconds.... I've already enabled DMA on both my HDDs. Basically I'm
> > just looking for a few tips here and there... Or point be in the right
> Mute the tv card audio and set it as the recording source.  Playback from wave 
> out (I think).  Just try different outputs till you get the proper output 

just to explain what Randy is suggesting...  you're likely getting the
"live" audio, which will be early compared to the "buffered" video, so
you want to make sure you're getting the audio that is also buffered
so that it syncs.

usually, you do this by taking the steps Randy suggests
(just a little more detail):
- set LineIn as your recording source (sometimes "Capture")
- mute the LineIn (so you don't hear the "live" audio)
- check that your audio device is setup as the "output"
  device in Myth's Playback setup

more troubleshooting help can be found in the docs:


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