[mythtv] Potential bug in myth tv

Charles Mason charles-mason at ntlworld.com
Fri Apr 11 23:50:58 EDT 2003

Isaac Richards wrote:

>On Friday 11 April 2003 05:10 pm, Charles Mason wrote:
>>I am quite new to mythtv and have found what may be a potential bug.
>>This could however be a problem with my set up I am not sure. The
>>problem occurs when I am whatching live tv or recording tv. If I am
>>whatching live tv  every thing works fine untill about 5 to 8 seconds
>>after starting the viewing mythbackend crashes with the following message.
>>IOBOUND - blocking in ThreadedFileWriter::Write()
>>It then exits with a segfault. This only occurs on certian tv channels
>>(uk tarestrial channels, ITV 1 Channel 5 and Five). BBC 1 and BBC 2
>>behave as they a suposed to. The second I chanhe channels to one of the
>>three listed aboive for about 5 seconds it crashes. I then decided to
>>use gdb to get a stack trace this is shown below.
>Does it still crash if you turn off teletext completely? (in the setup 
>program, general settings, page 3, set VBI Format to none, instead of PAL 

Yeah this does fix the problem. Its not exactly an ideal solution but I 
dont use the teletext so its not a problem for me. I would be interested 
in knowing if this is a bug with myth tv.

It did cross my mind that that it is to do with the signal strength 
which would explain how it only effects certain channels. I use a 
portable antena not a one fixed to the out side of the house. I have 
noticed that when using zapping occasionally a few corrupt charciters 
appear in the teletext window. Some times these also apear when the 
subtitles are writen out to the terminal by mythfrontend. Its justa 
thought any way.

Thanks for your help.


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