[mythtv] [PATCH] Movie filter in progfinder

Joel Feenstra joelf at altelco.net
Fri Apr 11 15:03:39 EDT 2003

It wouldn't be too hard. I just don't have a clue about how to present 
the options to the user. If you want to make it a no movie filter, the 
sql statements just need to be modified. I'd support making it be "6" 
which is consistent with how you filter out unwanted channels in the 
epg. I don't know anything about how the user interface code works, so 
I'll leave that up to someone who does. I can do ifs elses and whiles 
but much beyond that and I get lost. I suppose a string could be build 
dynamically which would determine exactly what is filtered, and a button 
could cycle throught those.

Possible filter modes:
Movies only
Shows only

Ben Bucksch wrote:
> Joel Feenstra wrote:
>> Does anybody else want it switched? 
> Doesn't "m" mean "Menu"? For users of a remote control, the meaning 
> matters, and also for consistency. (I think that consistency and 
> simplicity (not overloading buttons) is extremely important for a 
> project like this, which has the potential to be used by grandma.)
> Personally, I sometimes wanted exactly *not* see movies, only series, so 
> it could be generalized to some filter selection.
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