[mythtv] wintv pvr 250/350 driver

Gerald Britton gbritton at doomcom.org
Fri Apr 11 12:48:12 EDT 2003

> > WinTV PVR != WinTV PVR 250.  The PVR is a bt878 glued together with a Kfir1
> > mpeg encoder chip.  The PVR250 is based around the iTVC15 family of mpeg
> > encoder chips.
> Wasn't looking closely enough; sorry.  Do you have opinions on the
> older card in comparison?  If I'm buying 6 of them, I have to worry
> about cost...

The older card doesn't have working drivers (the pvr.sf.net project was
abandoned quite some time ago).  I have one of those cards and have hacked
at it with a few other people, we've got it almost initializing, but aren't
quite at the point of making it do anything useful.  There are some hacked
up drivers which seem further than the pvr.sf.net people along with all the
other v4l stuff on www.bytesex.org, but even those don't quite work yet.

I believe the PVR250 is cheaper than the original PVR anyway.  It's a
simpler design.

				-- Gerald

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