[mythtv] NEW MythPlugin functionality (PATCH)

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Fri Apr 11 11:06:13 EDT 2003

Well, there's a several (2-5) second delay before the progress dialog comes
up initially... while this may seem trivial, there is no indication that
your keypress has been accepted, which tends to cause my wife to impatiently
bang the button on the remote a few more times, sometimes with undesirable
results.  After that, the progress dialog comes up while the metadata loads
from the database... this also takes 5-10 seconds.  It's nice to have a
progress bar so that you don't think the system is hung, but I find having
to experience this delay every time I go into mythmusic to be quite
annoying.  To the end user, all the screens in Myth should appear to come up
in a similar amount of time, regardless of whether something is an external
module or not.

Maybe a plugin is not the way to go, if it would be too much of a memory hog
to keep it hanging around when not in use.  However, another option I would
like to explore is having mythmusic not keep the entire music database in
main memory, but access it in more of an on-demand manner, perhaps only
loading a single album or artist at a time.  I believe the current reason
for loading the entire database is that the music selection tree is built in
its entirety at startup.  Is there some way to make it dynamic, so that a
level is only constructed if needed?  You really should  only need metadata
for a track if it is in the currently expanded level of the tree, or if it's
the currently playing (and maybe next & previous) selection.  Just a
thought, am I way off base?  What does everybody think?

-Joe C.

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> I haven't looked at it lately, but wasn't a progress bar added for this
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