[mythtv] MythRemoteLineEdit and textChanged signal

thor mythtv at lamedomainname.com
Thu Apr 10 23:29:32 EDT 2003

On Thursday 10 April 2003 05:10 pm, Leandro Dardini wrote:
> MythRemoteLineEdit is derived by QTextEdit instead of MythLineEdit derived
> by QLineEdit. This difference pop up when I try to catch the textChanged
> signal. With MythLineEdit there is no problems, but with MythRemoteLineEdit
> I get a "No such signal MythRemoteLineEdit::textChanged(...)"
> I see in QT documentation that textChanged is a signal for both QTextEdit
> and QLineEdit, so... why this kind of error?

	You probably don't want to be working off of textChanged(), as 
MythRemoteLineEdit is doing all sorts of stuff internally that will make this 
text expand and contract a lot.

	You probably just want an OK button above or below the MythRemoteLineEdit so 
that the user can Arrow to it when they're done composing the text.

- thoe

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