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Christian Hoenig me at christianhoenig.de
Thu Apr 10 13:48:51 EDT 2003

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> That would be fantastic. Saves me from having to write it :-) Does your
> code determine whether the frontend is in use or not? 

Yepp, it does.

> I'd like to make
> sure the shutdown code only goes into action when the user has exited the
> frontend. If the computer is later re-started by the user (not by the
> clock), I'll have the frontend start automatically in the init scripts.
> If the system was started due to a scheduled recording, the frontend
> would not run unless the user started it explicitly (I.e. by pressing a
> button on a remote).
> There should also be a facility to ensure that the system runs all the
> time between specified time periods (E.g. "Run every weekday between
> 3-10pm even when nothing is happening.") Also, a shutdown shouldn't occur
> unless the next recording is a sufficient time in the future. So if the
> next recording is only 15 minutes away, it would be a waste of time
> shutting down between recordings. I think this would make sense for a
> stand-alone system.

This is almost exactly what it does.

In details:
The scheduler keeps track of the idle status. Now, if the backend is ideling 
(that means: no client connected and no recording in the next 15 minutes) for 
say 5 minutes, the computer shuts down and sets the wakeuptime to 5 minutes 
prior to the next recording.
All those values are configurable of course.

There are two things the current stuff is missing:
1)	The other backends are not shutdown, too. Since I don't have such a setup, 
I have no idea how this should be accomplished.

2)	in mythfrontend_main.cpp I don't know how to find out, if the backendhost 
== frontendhost to determin, if the user is allowed to shutdown the frontend.

I almost finished the other stuff. I'll just have a look over it and submit 
so hold on...

take care, have fun

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