[mythtv] wintv pvr 250/350 driver

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Wed Apr 9 18:55:57 EDT 2003

On Sunday 06 April 2003 05:15 pm, kevin thayer wrote:
> Isaac,
> I note that you're getting one of these cards for use
> with mythTV. Let me know if you need anything put in
> the driver for it.

Will do -- just got the card today, and haven't done any recording-side 
integrating yet.

> FYI i haven't implemented v4l2 "streaming" (chardev
> read only for now) and i haven't gotten around to
> resolution switching yet. Everything is full-res. Also
> the mpeg codec specific stuff isn't in.
> Any of these must-have? I can turn them out pretty
> fast if need-be.

I don't think anything's _necessary_ for basic operation, really.  The read() 
interface'll be fine for now, I think.  As the driver matures more, I can add 
support for stuff..

One thing, though, is that the audio in the couple quick test recordings I've 
done is quite bad -- there's a continual high-pitched ringing/whining noise 
in the background.  Hopefully it's just a driver issue =)


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