[mythtv] Can I have 0.8 *and* CVS installed and working at the sametime?

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Wed Apr 9 18:21:12 EDT 2003

Check out GNU Stow:


I use this to keep multiple copies of Myth around, so I can easily back up
when I want.  Just change the PREFIX in settings.pro when you build.  I have
0.8 installed in /usr/local/stow/mythtv-0.8, and another version in (say)
/usr/local/stow/mythtv-20030409cvs.  All I have to do to switch is:

cd /usr/local/stow ; stow -D mythtv-0.8 ; stow mythtv-20030409cvs

This replaces my working 0.8 with today's CVS.  To go back, I simply

cd /usr/local/stow ; stow -D mythtv-20030409cvs ; stow mythtv-0.8

I love it!

-Joe C.

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> Now before you ask, I have *not* been smoking crack :-)
> I've got MythTV 0.8 up and running sweetly (obligatory
> genuflections in the
> directions of Isaac, Matthew, John, Chris and Robert!).
> But like the advert says, "The trouble is it tastes *too* good!"
> My wife has immediately decided that she's ready to ditch the
> VCRs (both of
> them) and start using MythTV *RIGHT NOW*.
> Of course this presents me with a dilemma - can I present MythTV 0.8
> (stable, with a few quirks) for her to use in the daylight hours, while I
> enjoy the 'coaster ride that is CVS, in search of PVR Nirvana?
> The option of giving her the MythTV box full time is obviously laughable.
> I'm assuming that writing a script to flip the binaries and
> libraries in and
> out isn't too hard, and I could probably mysqldump myself an equivalent
> function for the database.
> But since I have an unerring knack for finding hard solutions to easy
> problems, I thought I'd swallow my pride and ask first.
> My *nuclear* option is probably based on a dual-boot system,
> possibly using
> two entirely separate drives, with production and development builds
> respectively, which reduces my scope of error to /etc/lilo.conf,
> which I can
> manage easily.
> Opinions anyone?
> Cheers
> Mike
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