[mythtv] Can I have 0.8 *and* CVS installed and working at the same time?

Tom Panning tpanning at vt.edu
Wed Apr 9 18:12:07 EDT 2003

On Wednesday 09 April 2003 04:50 pm, Mike Thomson wrote:
> Now before you ask, I have *not* been smoking crack :-)
> I've got MythTV 0.8 up and running sweetly (obligatory genuflections in the
> directions of Isaac, Matthew, John, Chris and Robert!).
> But like the advert says, "The trouble is it tastes *too* good!"
> My wife has immediately decided that she's ready to ditch the VCRs (both of
> them) and start using MythTV *RIGHT NOW*.
> Of course this presents me with a dilemma - can I present MythTV 0.8
> (stable, with a few quirks) for her to use in the daylight hours, while I
> enjoy the 'coaster ride that is CVS, in search of PVR Nirvana?
> The option of giving her the MythTV box full time is obviously laughable.
> I'm assuming that writing a script to flip the binaries and libraries in
> and out isn't too hard, and I could probably mysqldump myself an equivalent
> function for the database.

For the binaries and libraries, install Myth 0.8 to /usr/local/myth-0.8 and 
install Myth CVS to /usr/local/myth-cvs. Then make a symlink from myth to 
myth-0.8 or myth-cvs, depending on which you want to use. Remember to run 
ldconfig when you change the symlink.

Note: The exact directories you install 0.8 and CVS can be changed, but you 
should make sure it's obvious which is which.

Other people will hopefully have suggestions for how to handle the database.

Happy hunting,

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