[mythtv] Patch - An alternate Manual recording

Jonathan Kolb jkolb-mythtv at greyshift.net
Tue Apr 8 10:58:33 EDT 2003

> > Why not just use the lineedit code that thor made for mythmusic instead
> > of a cumbersome keyboard?
> Because I use mythtv without a keyboard and using only a normal remote
> control is hard to enter something different from 12345... as recording
> title.
> However, the title __is__ a lineedit, so if you have a keyboard hooked,
> can enter all the text you want.

I can't really think of a way to present the UI, but it should be possible
to use the number keypad like cell phones do to enter text.  i.e. to enter
"bob", you'd type 2266622.  Not incredibly useful for those people who have
a keyboard hooked up to their myth machine, but much better than arrowing
around through the alphabet for a remote user.  In fact, it would really
screw with keyboard users, so I suppose it'd have to be an option or


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