[mythtv] New OSD Screenshots

Ben Brown ben at handcoder.com
Sun Apr 6 20:55:47 EDT 2003

Well thanks to the recent updates, I can get a couple of screen shots of
the OSD I but together.  The new OSD requires current CVS. This OSD uses
the background from the greenSquatch Theme.  I've got the same osd using
the iulius backdrop as well. So enough talk for now here's the

MythTV Info Display http://www.handcoder.com/mythtv/mythtvinfo.png
Video Edit mode http://www.handcoder.com/mythtv/mythtvedit.png
MythTV Pause http://www.handcoder.com/mythtv/mythtvpaused.png
MythTV Dialog http://www.handcoder.com/mythtv/mythtvdialog.png

As mentioned earlier, this OSD is based on the work done by Nate
(http://www.ziarek.com/mythtv/liquid-to-iulius.asp) And also thanks to
Isaac's recent additions to the OSD code.  You can download it at


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