[mythtv] mythmusic patch - trivial

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sun Apr 6 17:55:08 EDT 2003

Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 06, 2003 at 03:13:39PM -0700, Bruce Markey wrote:
>>Matt Zimmerman wrote:
>>>Now that I think about it, isn't there some way to set the
>>>alignment/justification of the columns in these things?
>>QString::leftJustify and rightJustify can fill or truncate
>>to a specified width.
> That works (and I didn't know about it), but I was thinking that since
> QListViewItems have a column-based structure, there would be a way to set
> the alignment of the column directly (rather than padding the contents with
> spaces...does this even work correctly with proportionally spaced fonts?).

Well, since the width is the string length, you're right,
it wouldn't work for proportionally spaced fonts. However,
sprintf would have the same problem. So, I guess I don't
understand the issue and this may be of no use either but
there is a QListView::setColumnAlignment


--  bjm

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