[mythtv] SasQuatchOSD 0.1.1

Eric Andresen ruler111 at cox.net
Sat Apr 5 10:58:01 EST 2003

Good design, but a couple things with the implementation: Text field for
"Pause" info is being cut off, even though the dark grey box you made
for it is about twice the size of the text field (it cuts off right at
the "-- 0.02% full", so I can barely see the second zero. Also, the
subtitle and main title overlap a bit when theres a letter with a drop,
such as 'y'.

One suggestion I have though, would be to see about putting the channel
icon on the screen somewhere, like the blueosd has in current cvs.

Cheers, good work.

--Eric Andresen
  ndiin at asu.edu

On Sat, 2003-04-05 at 09:28, Tarek Lubani wrote:
> Hey guys!
> Request:
> Please let me know what you think
> Installation File:
> http://tarek.2y.net/myth/SasQuatchOSD-0.1.1.tar.gz
> Installation Notes:
> Requires pretty much the latest CVS.
> Rant:
> The new advancements in the OSD code have made it possible to make and
> release SasQuatchOSD , which was first mocked months ago
> (http://tarek.2y.net/myth/osd-mock2.png). To give some idea of the OSD
> code back then, the best that I could do was not even a fraction of what
> I had wanted (http://tarek.2y.net/myth/osd-real.png). Inspired by Nate
> Ziarek's mocks and Ben Brown's implementation, the next idea came to
> mind (http://tarek.2y.net/myth/osd-mock3.png).
> This time, though, the tools were there, and so SQOSD is born:
> (http://tarek.2y.net/myth/osd-snap1.png and
> http://tarek.2y.net/myth/osd-snap2.png)
> All of my working files can be found at:
> http://tarek.2y.net/myth/SasQuatchOSD
> tarek : )

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