[mythtv] RE: [mythtv-users] SN41G2 (amd) Shuttle and MythTV

Chris Derossi chrismyth at derossi.com
Wed Apr 2 01:38:58 EST 2003

I don't have this MB, so I can't say for sure, but I did a lot of debugging
with the NVidia-supplied sound driver and got my Asus Nforce MB to work.

The audio driver DOES actually support full duplex, but it incorrectly
reports that it doesn't. However, another problem prevents it from working,
but whether it's an audio driver bug or not is harder to say.

In any case, I worked around it by changing one line in
NuppleVideoRecorder.cpp. Here's the diff:

--- NuppelVideoRecorder.cpp     30 Mar 2003 20:39:04 -0000      1.93
+++ NuppelVideoRecorder.cpp     2 Apr 2003 07:37:40 -0000
@@ -1483,7 +1483,7 @@
     buffer = new unsigned char[audio_buffer_size];

     /* trigger record */
-    trigger = ~PCM_ENABLE_INPUT;
+    trigger = 0;

     trigger = PCM_ENABLE_INPUT;

The reason this fails is because the expression ~PCM_ENABLE_INPUT clears the
input enable bit BUT ALSO sets the output enable bit. This inadvertently
marks the sound output channel as "in use", so you lose all sound output
after this. Should the driver ignore the output enable bit on devices opened
read-only? Probably. Is it illegal to set the output enable bit on devices
open read-only? Possibly.


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> I have been trying for several weeks.  So far, I can't get the Myth to
> work because of the audio.  I think if I had a TV card that could work
> with BTAudio I would be fine.  However, the 3 cards I have ALL don't
> have the right chip to do BTAudio.  So, I either have to buy another
> tuner, or hack the drivers myself.  Since there is only 1 PCI slot I
> can't replace the audio.  I am running mandrake 9.0.  I have tried the
> OSS that comes with it mandrake, I have tried the drivers from NVidia's
> site, and I have compiled and installed the latest ALSA drivers.  They
> all have issues with FULL DUPLEX.  Unless Nvidia is going to release
> real drivers or more information about their audio hardware so drivers
> can be made that are native to it, this is going to be a nightmare.
> I am going to stick it through, but I am really annoyed I bought this
> now, I may have to result to just building another windows based PVR
> which doesn't have NEAR the Myth Functionality but if I can't figure
> this out in another month, I am just going to give in.
> Eric
> Edward Wildgoose wrote:
> >Have a search through the archives on this list. A similar question was
asked very recently.
> >
> >The conclusion was something like:
> >
> >a) The shuttle is quite loud (beware).
> >b) Seems there is some problem getting Nforce2 sound going under linux.
I'm sure that this will improve though
> >
> >Sorry, I don't have a pointer to the correct spot in the archives right
> >
> >Ed
> >
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> >
> >
> >has anybody got this working?
> >
> >  http://us.shuttle.com/specs2.asp?pro_id=163
> >
> >I'm wondering how the Dual VGA and sound is handled ( Nforce2
> >chipset with MCP-T).
> >
> >Any issues?
> >
> >Is spdif-out working?
> >
> >Thanks.
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