[mythtv] EPG problem with latest CVS

Ben Brown ben at handcoder.com
Tue Apr 1 09:48:55 EST 2003

Little more info on this problem.  It only happens with the Alternate
EPG.  When the live TV comes to the front, there is no longer a picture,
just a black screen and sound.  I can change the channel and use the
other Live tv Controls.  I can tell that myth is accepting these command
because I can hear the TV input.  If I shrink the live tv display, I can
see the EGP behind it.  If I move the windowed live tv around the screen
parts of the picture begin to display in the tv square on the epg.
Whatever caused this happened between Sunday's CVS and last night's CVS.

I tried updating and make distclean this morning, but the problem is
still there.  Everything was fine Sunday Night.  Is anybody else having
this problem?  I was just getting ready to give it the wife test, when
this started.

Wish I could help more by coding, but I really don't know where to


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I just installed the latest CVS, and now I'm having an EPG problem.
While watching live tv, I press m for the menu, the menu comes up then
the mythtv display moves infront of the epg instead of displaying in the
egp window.  Any ideas?


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