SV: [mythtv] MythMusic - Which libraries?

Isaac Richards
Mon, 30 Sep 2002 03:35:22 -0400

On Sunday 29 September 2002 09:56 am, Stefan Görling wrote:
> > I'm using vorbis 1.0 and flac 1.0.3 (1.0.4 hasn't hit debian yet.) 
> > What'd you have to change?
> I believe that there has been some API-changes, there were method used
> which couldn't be found in the library, i've simply removed most of the
> calls (I haven't planned to use the decoder part anyway).

Cute.  I like random function renames, especially when there's no apparent 
version info in the header files.  My encoder broke too, with the 1.0.4 
upgrade, but it was subtler -- it wouldn't produce working files once those 
two return status names were fixed.  

Anyway, CVS mythmusic now uses (and requires) flac 1.0.4.