[mythtv] MythLCD

Thor Sigvaldason mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Fri, 20 Sep 2002 00:45:13 -0400

Isaac (et. al.)

	I've just added a tree to the MC source called mythlcd that will (soon) let 
you control an LCDproc server from MythTV. For those who haven't played with 
LCDproc, it's a client/server system for controlling LCD panels in Linux 
boxes (and BSD & Solaris, see http://www.lcdproc.org). This means you can 
have data from Myth (channel number, show name, current size of pause buffer, 
etc., etc.) displayed on an LCD screen. So ... possible to do things like 
play/advance music tracks without your TV having to be on. There's some 
"screen" shots in a jpg in the new directory.

	It is not intergated with *ANY* Myth code at the moment, but it does include 
a very simple demo app to show how it could be. Thought I'd get it out so 
people can have a look at it before I start mucking about in the actual 
MythTV and MythMusic code. Note that even if you don't (yet!) own an LCD 
module, you can make the lcdproc server write to a terminal window (curses) 
rather than an actual device for developing/debugging purposes.

	I won't be touching the mythlcd code for a few days (in case anyone wants to 
go ahead and start fiddling) ... I need to get back to MythWeb.



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