[mythtv] mythweb

Grant Taylor mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Mon, 16 Sep 2002 16:48:28 -0400

> Program type colours 

Program type!  I knew there had to be some reason. ;)

>> The descriptions appear to be of random and unbounded length; so

> Definitely needs work. I was planning on parsing them and breaking
> up long ones with forced spaces, especially as sometimes
> descriptions include really long URLs that completely mess up the
> table. Truncating and adding elipses (...) would work as well.

Well, please don't do explicit spaces or breaks, that'd be just wrong,
as it depends on screen size, browser type, font preferences, and a
million other things that shouldn't matter.

There may be layout attributes for table layout to make equal sized
fitting columns, html seems to have absorbed the proverbial kitchen
sink at some point.

> Note that when you use the GRANT command, you have to flush the
> grant tables for the settings to take effect. See:

Yes.  In my case, "grant this,that,other on foo to..." added a row
with all 'N' foo_priv colummns to user.  AFAICT it was just wrong;
using insert and flush privileges worked.  The docs say grant is new,
maybe it's half baked in woody's version?

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