[mythtv] Small patch for mythtv? (European (?) channel names)

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 15 Sep 2002 16:40:42 -0400

On Sunday 15 September 2002 03:35 pm, Jens Lohmann-Hansen wrote:
> Hello again.
> Well, I basically gave up on qmake and freetype1/2. I figure the best thing
> to do is to port mythtv to freetype2 at some point (and get anti-aliased
> fonts etc..).

freetype 2 won't get you AA fonts anymore than freetype 1 does.  It's all up 
to whatever draws the font to do any antialiasing.  The major reason the osd 
text doesn't look as good as it could is how I'm drawing the black outline.

> ... So I read a few more posts and noticed that the database structure
> apparently isn't well suited for european channel names like "S9" and
> "E38", since channum is an int and not a String.
> So I began hacking it up, and created a small script to modify the database
> table "channel" - adding a column "channel" (should work even with data in
> the table):

I'd rather just make channum a string instead of having the data duplicated.  
So, I won't apply your change as it is.

> So is this the way to go, or are you/we going for the approach posted last
> month about multiple broadcasters, capturecards and cardinputs?

Well, hopefully the guy who put for that proposal's working on things.  
Otherwise, I suppose I'll do something similar..

> One last thing: Am I babbling too much? Are you interested in my
> suggestions?

As long as they're sent along with patches, sure =)  Just sent unified diffs 
(diff -u) instead..  Easier to read, etc.