[mythtv] Channels being modified not reflected, other things

Joe Drew mythtv-dev@snowman.net
14 Sep 2002 15:11:09 -0400

Right now, my local cable provider has rearranged some of the channel
line-up: some channels have been added, others moved around, one or two
re-named. It'd be nice if MythTV recognised this in the to_mysql script,
and updated things appropriately. As it stands now the channels which
have been changed aren't showing up, and the old channels have no data
in the mythtv lineup.

(Really, what I'd like to have happen is that I can edit the channel
line-up in my xmltv config file, and have mythtv reflect that line-up,
with any deleted channels removed and any added/changed channels changed
as well.)

As well, it seems that programs which have "record this program every
time it's on" get changed to "record only this program" when you view
them on later days. Really, there are a number of inconsistencies
between what is recorded and what is listed as going to be recorded -
but I'll go through and look at this in detail when the next version is
released, just in case it's been worked on.

Lastly, I'd like to say that a) your code is quite nice - very readable;
b) your program is quite nice, and I find it really useful and helpful
to me. In fact, I've long said "I can't see myself needing to upgrade
for the next few years" - but MythTV makes me want to! :) (For now, I
stick with renicing to -20 and encoding using low resolutions.) 


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