[mythtv] Re: ATI AIW support

Grant Taylor mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 11 Sep 2002 10:27:32 -0400

>>>>> mythtv-dev@snowman.net writes:
> On Tuesday 10 September 2002 08:14 pm, Paul Jara wrote:

>> However, I can confirm the findings of Brad Davis that MythTV does not
>> work yet on the ATI All in Wonder series.

Yes.  Take back your AIW, or sell it, or something; it won't work as a
complete mythtv card, and it also won't work if you buy a bttv card to
use with it in lieu of the onboard tuner - the two are incompatible.
It's not obvious that the card will accept pci dma streams into its xv
port from an outboard tuner, certainly it didn't ever work for me
after no end of fiddling.

The AIW will work as a watch live tv card, and the tv out will work on
most of the models.  The xserver supports xvideo, so you could play
existing video.

> I wouldn't think it'd be all that difficult to do.

It may be possible to capture one thing as yuv and play another
through xv on an aiw, but the current drivers are not set up to do
that.  The only way to capture is to view an xvideo window of
something and then use a v4l subset interface to capture that window
(in the api it appears to be specified by xv port number, so you're
capturing the unscaled yuv input).  One tunes through the X server
using an extension of the xvideo api.

The hardware can probably(tm) be told to tune into unused video ram,
and one can probably capture from that ram without involving the xv
scaler hardware, but the gatos guys are concentrating on writing their
own userspace apps (a tcl-based marginal improvement over xawtv)
instead of working toward v4l normalcy.

It's a real pity; a one-card solution for mythtv would be pretty
swell.  Maybe someday as gatos matures...

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