[mythtv] changing input on tv-card?

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Mon, 9 Sep 2002 20:59:04 -0400

On Monday 09 September 2002 06:13 pm, IvanK. wrote:
> c works to change input.  However, when I schedule a recording, and the
> recording commenses, I think it switches back to input from Television.  A
> better way is to have a setting in the settings file where you specify your
> input and all of myth* programs use that variable.  Right now I guess
> Television is hardcoded or is the default.

Neither.  There isn't support for recording or changing channels on external 

> Also, slightly on a different topic -- sound.  I have a C-Media CMI8378
> onboard 6channel sound chip which supports 48khz.  When watching live TV I
> get an echo of the sound.  In the faq you recommend muting line-in and
> setting it as the recording source.  But as another user pointed out, that
> effectively mutes all sound.  You replied to that user to get a "better"
> sound card.  How much "better" does it have to be?  What are you using?
> SBLive something?

"better" meaning "any soundcard that doesn't automatically play what it gets 
on the line-in".  I'm using the on-board sound on my motherboard, the NVidia 
MCP or whatever it's called.  I also said 'try alsa' since it may work as 

> Another problem is that my WinTV card outputs only mono audio.  That's why
> I connected the left+right channels from my cable box to the line-in of the
> soundcard, not the TV card and the S-Video out of the cable box to the
> S-Video in of the TV card.  Even with this setup I hear the echo.  Should I
> mute the TV card?  This is counterlogic because S-Video (afaik) carries
> only video signal.  How does the TV card then get any sound input to echo? 
> Is it possible the software introduces it somehow because of the buffering?

No, it's not possible that the echo is in mythtv.

> As you can tell I'm completely ignorant of how mythtv works, so I
> appologize if I don't make any sense.
> And last but absolutely not least, a word of praise for the amazingly cool
> project -- keep up the great work!  Mythtv is such a cool program, that I
> fell instantly in love with it.
> Oh, and really last, is there any way you can put on your site a picture we
> can use as wallpaper?  Preferably it would be the background of the default
> theme, with the words MythTV, but without any of the buttons.  The reason
> for this strange request is that when you "press" a button, there's a brief
> moment when the programs switch from mythfrontend to mythtv in which you
> see your desktop.  If you set your wallpaper to the same background as
> mythfrontend, then you won't notice that switch.

The background images are part of the theme, if you wanted to extract that and 
make a background.  The redraw time is entirely in mythfrontend, the only 
time you're changing programs is from mythfrontend->mythmusic.