[mythtv] changing input on tv-card?

IvanK. mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Mon, 9 Sep 2002 18:13:41 -0400

c works to change input.  However, when I schedule a recording, and the 
recording commenses, I think it switches back to input from Television.  A 
better way is to have a setting in the settings file where you specify your 
input and all of myth* programs use that variable.  Right now I guess 
Television is hardcoded or is the default.

Also, slightly on a different topic -- sound.  I have a C-Media CMI8378 
onboard 6channel sound chip which supports 48khz.  When watching live TV I 
get an echo of the sound.  In the faq you recommend muting line-in and 
setting it as the recording source.  But as another user pointed out, that 
effectively mutes all sound.  You replied to that user to get a "better" 
sound card.  How much "better" does it have to be?  What are you using?  
SBLive something?

Another problem is that my WinTV card outputs only mono audio.  That's why I 
connected the left+right channels from my cable box to the line-in of the 
soundcard, not the TV card and the S-Video out of the cable box to the 
S-Video in of the TV card.  Even with this setup I hear the echo.  Should I 
mute the TV card?  This is counterlogic because S-Video (afaik) carries only 
video signal.  How does the TV card then get any sound input to echo?  Is it 
possible the software introduces it somehow because of the buffering?

As you can tell I'm completely ignorant of how mythtv works, so I appologize 
if I don't make any sense.

And last but absolutely not least, a word of praise for the amazingly cool 
project -- keep up the great work!  Mythtv is such a cool program, that I 
fell instantly in love with it.

Oh, and really last, is there any way you can put on your site a picture we 
can use as wallpaper?  Preferably it would be the background of the default 
theme, with the words MythTV, but without any of the buttons.  The reason for 
this strange request is that when you "press" a button, there's a brief 
moment when the programs switch from mythfrontend to mythtv in which you see 
your desktop.  If you set your wallpaper to the same background as 
mythfrontend, then you won't notice that switch.


On Saturday 07 September 2002 07:36 pm, ijr@po.cwru.edu wrote:
> On 07 Sep 2002, IvanK. wrote:
> > Hi guys,
> >
> > how can I tell mythtv to use S-Video instead
> > of Television? I saw something in
> > libmythtv/channel.cpp that said Television and
> > changed that to S-Video, but it didn't help.
> > xawtv works fine.
> From the README:
> 'c' will change inputs on the TV tuner card.
> Isaac
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