[mythtv] myth game frontend

chuck mythtv-dev@snowman.net
06 Sep 2002 19:05:20 -0600

I'm going to do a bit of cleanup tomorrow and then I'll send it your

On Thu, 2002-09-05 at 11:14, Isaac Richards wrote:
> On Wednesday 04 September 2002 12:04 am, chuck wrote:
> > I started working on a game frontend for myth a few days ago.  I just
> > finished a proof of concept that lists and launches xmame games.
> > Basically, I hacked together parts of myth music and grustibus.  I still
> > need to do some things, like add the ability to change game settings and
> > such and clean up the code, like I said it's a proof of concept.  I hope
> > to have something worth sharing soon.
> Heh, send me the code, ready or not =)  I almost started working on this over 
> the weekend, but got distracted by Mario Sunshine..
> Isaac
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