[mythtv] Up and running; notes, tv-out, projects, etc...

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Tue, 3 Sep 2002 13:54:43 -0400

On Tuesday 03 September 2002 11:08 am, Grant Taylor wrote:
> The nice thing is that this will generate TV from 1024x768 as well as
> the more usual 800x600 and 640x480 modes.  The less nice thing is that
> the generated picture is a bit smaller than my TV screen, so there are
> little unused areas on the top and bottom.  Anybody know how to adjust
> this?  The "nvtv" project over at sourceforge distributes a tool that
> would do it but for the fact that it doesn't know about my card ;(

I just adjusted the picture size in my TV's service menu.

> SO!  Now for improvements.  I'd like to do some of the following, in
> this order, but from the list people may be overlapping, and I'd hate
> to duplicate work:
>  - Larger fonts.  I whacked some of the 11's and 13's for my own use
>    in the code, but really the font sizes should all be in settings or
>    in the theme or something.  As an aside, the font scaling
>    calculation breaks when the resolution is narrower than tall
>    (352x480 gets teeny-weeny fonts!).

Yeah, they probably should be.  Might break the epg, though, since that's all 
"hand" drawn.

>  - Similarly, the "preview" window in the "watch recordings" listing
>    seems too small.

Easy to modify.  Making it bigger might take more CPU time, though, what with 
the video playing through Qt and all.

>  - External "library" manipluations.  Some sort of web form or basic
>    tools to fiddle with the recordings, schedule stuff, etc.  I'd
>    especially like to be able to take random external video files and
>    stick them into the system so they'll show as just another
>    recording.  I gather someone somewhere is fiddling with PHP code?

Hopefully someone is =)  

>  - Audio fix.  If you change the audio speed in settings, mythtv will
>    be unable to play back previously recorded stuff properly.
>    Apparently the audio speed isn't in the files or is ignored?

Ah, I hadn't even thought of that.  I'll fix that.

>  - Standalone player.  The internal player is basic but quite easy to
>    use, and most importantly plays myth-nupple files.  It would be
>    nice to be able to easily play them on other computers without a
>    full mythtv install.  Maybe the thing is a plugin for xine/mplayer,
>    or just a little wrapper like the "mythtv" program to make a simple
>    player.

A wrapper like the mythtv program would be easiest, I'd think.  I'm personally 
planning on staying far, far away from xine and mplayer.  

> Is there an anon-cvs pserver for mythtv?  That would be a little
> handier than the tarball snapshot thing.

Yup.  I'll send that info in a separate mail to the list in a bit.