[mythtv] Install Issues on RH 7.2

Lukasz A. Weber mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Mon, 2 Sep 2002 11:53:20 -0400 (EDT)

	I've just installed MythTV on a linux RH 7.2. It took a day, but 
the installation is a success. Great job with the project and it looks 
	Here's a list of things that slowed the process down:
1) Good list of dependencies, I was able to find everything and most 
things from rpms. One hint for rpm installs of Qt, when installing the qt 
library, one must make sure to download the qt-MYSQL driver rpm too. That 
took a bit of net searching to find.

2) When compiling libavcodec, I got an error with the lame.h header. I've 
downloaded lame 3.92. It seems that MythTV #define's MMX which is an 
actual token used in the lame.h. I had to redefine the macro for the 
compilation to complete successfully.

Runtime issues:

1) All executables work. However, while mythtv is running, there's an 
audible echo. Basically, the real-time tv audio plays regardless of 
mythtv's video, which plays it's own audio. So I get two audio streams 
mixed. I don't know how to shut the real-time one off. Also, when mythtv 
exits, via "Escape", the audio continues to play, instead of being 
shut-off too.

2) The video recording works great, I'm using mpeg4 at 320x240 and other 
settings at default. My picture quality is not that great, but that's just 
the cable signal. Is there any way to fine tune the reception? xawtv has 
this feature.

3) Unfortunately, xmltv doesn't have my exact channel line up, so I'm 
going to look into doing an xslt transform on the data to remap channels 
to my particular location. (Cambridge, MA)

Lukasz Weber
Software Developer
Interdimensions Corp.