[mythtv] suggestion

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Thu, 31 Oct 2002 10:15:30 -0500

On Thursday 31 October 2002 05:33 am, Cedar McKay wrote:
> For those of us with computers that can barely get the job done, I have
> a suggestion. I really don't know if it is feasible or not. Here goes:
> I've observed that the rtjpeg encoder is easier on the CPU, but make
> really large file sizes. For me, I have to use rtjpeg, and no mp3
> encoding in order to get acceptable record quality. This makes for
> whopping 6 gigs/hour file size. Could myth tv possibly record live tv
> in some high quality/large file size/low cpu usage mode, then when
> mythtv isn't busy, (not recording or displaying a show) it could go
> through and compress those files using more cpu intensive encoders that
> will create smaller file sizes? At the very least mythtv could leave
> the video alone, but convert audio tracks to mp3 after the fact (saving
> 500 mb/hour), during idle time.

Already planned.