[mythtv] Thoughts on encoder farms / distributed capturing and viewing

Robert Middleswarth mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Thu, 31 Oct 2002 09:08:15 -0500

David Watson wrote:

>>>>o  A "hint" system for shows that are on multiple times per day.
>>If there is good esponde guide info then there should be a no 
>>problem as the system will see same episode descriptions and wont record 
>>but when there isn't a usable description and all that is list is the 
>>shows name 5  times a day.  Figuire out which one to record and which 
>>one not to may not be so easy.
>Actually, this can be a lot easier if you just try to fix the 
>program guide, i.e. change the entries in the database.  The logic
>already exists in the scheduler to deal with multiple copies of the
>same episode and avoid other conflicts at the same time.  So, if
>you just write a small script to generate identical subtitles and
>descriptions (say the date of the first showing), and run it after
>mythfilldatabase, the existing code can do the work.
>I've been meaning to write this for a while, but I haven't have the
>time.  I'll try to make it generic enough for other people to use
>and send it to the list when I have a chance.
That is good and will work well but I should have made this more clear 
my job is currently with tech support for an inet company.  I have 
worked at 2 diff. inet company for over 5 years now.  Because of this 
backgroud I tend to look at thing in what kind of call would I get if 
this becames popular.  Yes then can be done with a script that does 
something like that but what if that day happen to have 3 Different 
episodes and no title not an impossible idea when shows star getting 
cancelled and you get close to sweep then that kind of script would 
block show from being recorded that you wanted to record.  I was tring 
to point that out although badly that it could be done but in order to 
make it generic enought to be used you would probly have to ad complexty 
to the interface which is something that one wants to avoid.