[mythtv] Thoughts on encoder farms / distributed capturing and viewing

Robert Kulagowski mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Thu, 31 Oct 2002 01:02:30 -0500

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> > Proble no possible as that would require alot of bandwidth 
> on you local 
> > network I not sure most nic card could handle that much 
> data you would 
> > have to create some form of mess network were you have 2 or 
> 3 Nic in 
> > each machine to send thought all that data.  Also there 
> would be alot of
> Sure, that's kinda what firehose is for, team it with some 
> gigabit nics over 
> cat5e and it would probably be usable.
> http://www.heroinewarrior.com/firehose.php3

Which is nice, except I think we started off on the wrong foot by
assuming that we're transferring raw video over the network, which
we're not.  Remember, the video coming from the encoder node, whether
it's being displayed locally or being fed over IP (either through NFS
sharing of the ringbuffer.nuv file, or directly filling it) has
already been through the compressor, so we're not nearly talking the
same amount of data.

Looking at settings.txt, the default is 3.3Mbps for mpeg4; this is
well within the capacity of even 10Mbps ethernet.  Might be an issue
if it's 10Mbps shared hub, but there you go.

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