[mythtv] Live TV and channel change protection

Robert Middleswarth mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 30 Oct 2002 09:08:53 -0500

Justin Hawkins wrote:

>One thing I haven't run into yet, but I envisage I might, is that if you
>change the channel by accident while 'behind' in your live tv viewing, you
>will lose a chunk of the show you are watching.
>I can see this happening quite easily if you are surfing around, find
>something to watch and settle down to it.
>I can see a couple of solutions. One, the user could make a conscious
>decision to 'lock' the channel they are currently watching. Two birds
>could be killed with one stone; if instead of a specific lock, have the
>ability to start recording whatever you are currently watching. That'd
>lock the channel, and give you the ability to press ESC, and watch the
>rest later.
>The other solution I thought of, which may not be workable, is to have a
>seperate ringbuffer for each channel. Then once you've realized you made a
>mistake, you can just switch back - loosing only a few seconds of the live
>	- Justin
Or  a 3rd and Simpler Solution put up a box that said you are about to 
lose all save parts of this show switch channel?  1=no 2=yes.  Sounds 
simple enfo to me.

Robert Middleswarth