[mythtv] Speed of mythepg?

Erik Arendse mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 30 Oct 2002 09:16:10 +0100

At 28-10-02 18:14, you wrote:
>Isaac Richards <ijr@po.cwru.edu> writes:
> > > There is a lot of traffic needed to scroll (from watching my quite
> > > unscientific tcpdump :-), and about 5 times as much traffic when 
> 'unknown'
> > > programs start showing up.
> > The major slowdown right now is that it looks up every program for every 5
> > minute interval right now..  It wasn't as bad a design issue back when it
> > only dealt with 30 minute intervals, but Andrew's changes to make it more
> > accurate display-wise are making it do it every 5 minutes, and thus
> > generating 6 times more lookups.  The thing to do would be to only look up
> > each program once, and skip ahead to the next one without hitting the DB
> > server for the extraneous data..  It'd be a little bit of work, but if 
> anyone
> > wants to submit a patch to do it before I get to doing it, that'd be 
> welcome.

Wouldn't it be easier to run a query for each channel for the full timespan 
of the visible screen, and parse the result on the clientside? Any slot 
without a program present would be "unknown".
This way it would be also be very easy to have the number of timeslots, the 
size of the slots, and the "underwater" division in smaller screenslots all 
configurable, perhaps even in settings.txt.

Not clear to me anyway why you need the "unknown" on the screen, I am going 
to feed the database with a filtered set from xmltv because I don't want 
the screen cluttered with a zillion programs I will never watch. And I 
certainly don't want to see the text "unknown" as replacement clutter :-)