[mythtv] Having a few problems :(

Martyn Weber mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 30 Oct 2002 02:04:47 +0100

On Tuesday 29 October 2002 16:42, Isaac wrote:
> It doesn't exactly scan for channels, it just uses that as a guide.  Most
> likely, your database isn't setup quite right.  You need a valid cardinput
> entry that links a capturecard entry and a videosource entry and the proper
> input you're using on the capture card together, else things break.  The
> last set of questions that setup asked should've set that up for you.

Ok, I've found out what the problem is/was.... In the channel table, the 
channum field was set to chann for the Channel 4 and Channel 5 entries and 
other shortened text strings for the others. Changing these to the actual 
channel numbers has fixed it. Here is the record for one of the channels.

(only one channel given here but there is an entry for each terestrial 
ChannID		1000 (increments for each channel)
Channum		chann
SourceID		1
callsign			(blank)
name			Channel 4
Icon			path to icon (displays ok in mythepg)
finetune			0
Videofilteres		NULL
XMLTVID		channel4.com

Is this parculiar to the uk xmltv grab or am I doing something wrong. 

Also does anyone know what I need to add to theme.txt or settings.txt to get 
the fancy OSD themes. The epg display is using blue, but the OSD still shows 
the default display.

Thanks for the help, started saving for the new PC and also designing a 
special IR xmitter for the cable box which uses a proprietary IR format :(