[mythtv] Having a few problems :(

Martyn Weber mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Tue, 29 Oct 2002 16:03:55 -0000


Trying to test MythTV, machine is totally underpowered but just trying
to prove the concept before I invest in a new PC for it.

Have a WinTV Stereo version installed in a K6 300 with the database on
another machine. Linux is SuSe 8.0. 

Everything compiled and installed ok after changing the settings.pro to
avoid the invalid instruction problem.

The database has a load of shows stored in it and I can see these in
mythepg. However MythTV wont change channels. It seems stuck on channel
48 and I get no other info in the OSD. I am in the UK so specified
europe-west, PAL, etc. I have tried selecting just a Terrestrial setup
but this didn't make much difference.

The console is claiming the database is the problem if that gives anyone
a clue, although I can't see what's wrong.

Can I also ask a question about the channels.cpp. Am I correct in
thinking that this scans the channels available using the TV card to do
the scanning? If so, could this be the problem as the TV signal is weak
and channels are not always located via a scan (I entered them into
xawtv (etc) manually)?

Also installed MythMusic, is it possible to configure this to use MP3
rather than Orb Vorbis? Would like the MythTV device to be where CDs are
'scanned' before being downloaded to a mobile/car MP3 player.

Thanks for the great piece of software, sure it's probably something
I've done incorrectly