[mythtv] Recording while watching LiveTV problem

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Mon, 28 Oct 2002 12:50:23 -0500

On Monday 28 October 2002 01:05 pm, tarek Lubani wrote:
> A followup on the bug report..
> 1) Here is a screen shot: http://tarek.2y.net/myth/snapshot.png .. As an
> aside here, I don't know what the mythepg is doing in the back.. I don't
> see it.. It may be something to do with the snapshot program?
> 2) This screen is starting to go away now.. At least in this round of me
> playing around.. It comes up about 30 seconds before a recording is set to
> begin, and right now disappears when the recording begins, setting the
> channel to the correct place and starting the proper recording.. If I find
> out more on when it hangs (this is the first time it *hasn't* hung), I'll
> let you know..

It's the dialog that asks you if you want to let it record a program or cancel 
the recording and just watch tv, just not displaying the text.  Broke that 
when I made the rest of the OSD fade off the screen.  It's now fixed in CVS.