[mythtv] changes to mythgame.

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 27 Oct 2002 20:38:27 -0500

On Saturday 26 October 2002 04:30 pm, chuck wrote:
> The biggest change to mythgame is the addition of a screenshot based
> selection screen.  In the mythgame-settings.txt file there is a setting
> called ShotCount.  If this is set to any number greater than 0 the
> screenshot selection menu is used.  Otherwise it defaults to 0 which
> uses the title list menu.  On the screenshot based menu pressing tab
> will switch between the upper list and the screen shot list.  pressing
> 'e' when a game title is highlighted will launch the game settings
> editor.  pressing 'e' when the system name is highlighted will allow you
> to change the default game settings and rebuild the game list.  The game
> list is built by default the first time you run mythgame but will not be
> run automatically after that.  If you add new roms or change your path's
> you will have to rebuild the game list.  Can't think of anything else
> right now.

Looks real nice, works well -- I had to add an include, but that was all..  
I'll have some more comments/code in a bit, I think.