[mythtv] WinTV Stereo--Recommended?

tarek Lubani mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 27 Oct 2002 17:10:50 -0500 (EST)

Depending on what you are doing with your system, you can find all-in-one 
PCI solutions.. The ATI All-In-Wonders are one such example.. Obviously, 
you'll have to get cards that are a few years old, which means that if 
you're into the game scene, you can pretty much forget about this solution 
working.. Another option, however, if you are happy with your current 
built in solution is to get another video card (i.e., all in wonder) that 
is PCI, and then just use that as a second video card.. I think it should 
be easy enough.. maybe have an X-Server outputting just to it? I have 
never tried this, so I don't now..

Some specific information about the AIW is that I have heard of problems 
with it and Linux when talking about capture.. I would go and explore to 
make sure it is compatible with everybody's favourite OS..

As for spending more cash, I'm not sure what country you live in, but 
if it's a "first" world country, you can probably find some interesting 
tax loopholes to offset the cost of your card.. For example, to get mine, 
all I needed was to have 3 kids.. the government subsidies paid for this 
and many future upgrades..

tarek : )

> DOH!  Sure I'm a bit daft with this TV capture stuff, but I thought that
> the WinTV had an "out to the TV".  I guess the card only has an IN for
> capturing, and then you need to go OUT via your graphics card.  Is this
> correct?  That said, I'll have to get a new mobo as I don't have an AGP
> slot.  Grrr.  That just means I have to throw down more cash to test this
> bugger out!