[mythtv] Speed of mythepg?

Justin Hawkins mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 27 Oct 2002 18:03:49 +1030 (CST)

Hi folks,

Just wondering how fast I should expect mythepg to be?

On my Athlon 1.2 it takes about 1 second to scroll left and right. I have
5 channels. I also have an few gaps in my program guide around midnight,
which return back 'unknown' in mythepg. However, scrolling to these items
takes about 5 seconds. As you can imagine this makes it quite difficult to
see what movies are on tomorrow night :-)

I've narrowed down part of the problem. My MySQL server is not localhost.
There is a lot of traffic needed to scroll (from watching my quite
unscientific tcpdump :-), and about 5 times as much traffic when 'unknown'
programs start showing up.

My MySQL server is not that grunty (P233MMX) but, it's not that much
information right?

I appreciate that some sort of lookahead would be a tricky proposal, but
what about a toggle setting that would cause scrolling to be 'page flip'
style - so that when you hit the left or right edge an entire page of new
programs is produced. This at least would mean the performance hit would
be all in one go.

Alternatively, a different set of keystrokes (page up, page down?) could
move entire pages, while left and right arrow preserve their current

	- Justin

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