[mythtv] Re: segfault with mythepg and problem with mythfilldatabase

Andrew M. Bishop mythtv-dev@snowman.net
26 Oct 2002 17:33:20 +0100

Daniel Paessler <daniel@paessler.org> writes:

> hmmm..i tried that...but it doesn't work...
> i get the following:
> ---snip---
> [paessler@iphigenie pts/5] mythfilldatabase
> ----------------- Start of XMLTV output -----------------
> couldn't get all of 7 days, only 3
> ------------------ End of XMLTV output ------------------
> Speicherzugriffsfehler
> ---snip---
> the last word is german and means "segmentation fault", coming
> from mythepg i think.
> some more suggestions?

I think that the patch that I suggested is working because the correct
program is being called for you.  The problem might be that the xmltv
output that you get cannot be understood by mythfilldatabase.

Did you run the mythtv setup program?

Have you tried running mythfilldatabase --manual to see if the
processing gets anywhere?

Does xmltv run OK on its own?  It should give the same error message
as it did when called from within myhtfilldatabase.

        tv_grab_de --days 7 --output xmltv.xml

should give you a file called xmltv.xml that contains the program
schedule information.  If the previous command works can you put the
file somewhere that we can access it to check if it looks OK.  Don't
mail it to the list since it will probably be quite big.

Andrew M. Bishop                             amb@gedanken.demon.co.uk