[mythtv] Ramblings on the 128 Channels and Satellite

tarek Lubani mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Thu, 24 Oct 2002 12:03:13 -0400

1) I would *love* to get a copy of your settings.txt.. I have been looking 
at the us-cable and such, but haven't figured it out.. If what you are 
saying is true, then the composite1:xxx functionality is pretty much done!!

2) I've seen this really cool functionality that i think means that mythtv 
*does* change the channel. check this out:

Insert the following line into "settings.txt"
str ExternalChannelCommand=echo

What is cool about this? Every time you change the channel, the channel 
number "echos" where it didn't before!! So, let's say you want to transmit 
a "change the channel, dummy!" to your receiver, this command seems to be 
the key!!!

I'll keep you guys posted on my trials and tribulations out here! ; )

tarek : )

>Two things going on at once here...
>1) Not changing above channel 128 - I had this problem
>too, but I'll be darned if I can remember what fixed
>it.  It definatley wasn't hard coded.  There's a
>setting in settings.txt for 'reciever type' or
>something.  Try tweaking that.  If not I'll look at my
>system at home tonight, and if I can't figure it out
>I'm sure Issac will reply when he gets back from
>2) Using digital cable/DSS boxen - As it is now Myth
>doesn't change channels on external decoder boxes.
>You're right Tarek, that the answer lies in the
>Composite:123 thing.  Basically that tells Myth and
>MythEPG to tune the composite input, but pretened it's
>really channel 123.  This fuctionality was added when
>it became clear that a single channel database
>wouldn't work.  When attempting to record something on
>channel 203 Myth would change the channel off
>Composite to 203 (which was invalid to the tv tuner
>card) instead of leaving things be if you set your
>decoder beforehand.
>As for actually changing channels, according to Issac
>the possibility is there.  I guess in the code there
>are hooks for lirc to TRANSMIT a code when you press
>channel up/down, but nobody's bothered to code them
>yet, mainly because Issac doesn't use a set top box.
>"I am not a coder" (tm) or else I would have done it
>myself months ago when I first asked about this.
>You'll also need to build an IR Flasher circuit to
>hook up to a COM port.  Myth will call lirc which will
>flash the TRANSMITTER hooked up to a com port.  Tons
>of info about this is available at the lirc site.
>Keep in mind that the IR Flasher that you just hooked
>up to your com port is NOT and IR reciever.  So if you
>want to use a remote control to do Myth, and have Myth
>control your decoder box you'll need a flasher on one
>COM port and a reciever on another COM port.