[mythtv] Ramblings on the 128 Channels and Satellite

tarek Lubani mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Thu, 24 Oct 2002 06:33:05 -0400 (EDT)

Well, I did a little bit more reading, and the key here seems to be the 
Composite1:123 setup.. So, some new questions:

1) How do I *call* Composite1:123? Could this be done by doing a CHANNEL 
UP? or what? I have the time and interest, and would *really* like to 
develop this..

tarek : )

On Thu, 24 Oct 2002, tarek Lubani wrote:

> Well, I have spent the better part of the night trying to figure this 
> puppy out.. to no avail..
> The problem: 
> a) I have a satellite hooked into my composite1
> b) Said satellite (DirecTV) goes from 100 - 999.
> c) Myth won't let me go beyond ~125 channels.. i.e., I can't type in more 
> than "125". If I do, it just spits back the original channel I was on.
> I've been going through the code, but being a novice programmer and not 
> knowing this program well at all, I was completely unsuccessful... Here's 
> what I have found, though:
> 1) This was reported as a database issue some time ago.. I don't exactly 
> know why.. but it was : )
> 2) Isaac Richards stated in an email back in august 2002 that there was a 
> hard-coded 128 channel limit. This boggles my mind for several reasons. 
> Which isn't to say much, since I truly don't know much in this area.. but 
> why can't hitting "500" just bring up the OSD? isn't this what currently 
> happens? or is my tv tuner actually switching channels??
> I really had trouble finding the 128 "line", since god knows 128 is common 
> enough in code : ) However, in the end, I found a line of this variety in 
> guidegrid.h in /usr/libs/libmyth .. Surely enough, this was set to 128.. 
> So, I changed it to 999 and recompiled.. nothing. Still the same 
> behaviour. still the same problems.. In fact, I cannot at all figure out 
> what this setting does when a person is trying to change channels in 
> composite mode..
> Anyway, suffice it to say that after breaking a whole bunch of things in a 
> whole bunch of files around, I just had to mothball the effort and 
> regroup.. So, I'm seeking more advice here..
> Questions I currently have:
> 1) If I hit 500, what does myth do?
> 2) What is an approximate vicinity of the code where I should be looking?
> 3) Why is this a problem? Why can't I just hit "500", have it execute a 
> 500 external command, and then we just be done with it.. Why does it do 
> this internal dissonance checking? And more importantly (as relating to 
> question 2), where does said checking occur??
> Thank you all for your help..
> tarek : )