[mythtv] Controlling Digital Cable Boxes (was: Good Inexpensive capture card?)

Jeremy Oddo mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 23 Oct 2002 16:30:54 -0700 (PDT)

> On Wed, Oct 23, 2002 at 03:15:51PM -0700, Jeremy Oddo wrote:
>> Damn!  Well, at least I didn't spend too much time on it!  American
>> companies piss me off.  Why can't they settle on a standard?  Two
>> reasons:
>>  ego and money.  Grrrr.
>> Thanks for all your help, thought.
> I'm pretty sure that channels under 100 even for digital cable are
> broadcast analog. There's a really easy way to test this assuming you
> have a cable ready tv- hook up your tv directly to the cable connection
> out of the wall bypassing your digital cable box. Any channels that you
> can see on your tv you'll be able to see on mythtv. You'll definitely be
> able to see nbc, abc, cbs etc...
Yeah, I know for a fact that I can get channels under 61 (because one of
my TVs is hooked up without a digibox).  The bad news is that all the
movie channels, The Science Channel, and worst of all TechTV are all in
the 62+ range.

> There are also hooks built into the mythtv for changing the channel
> using an external program. I don't believe anyone's actually implemented
> it yet, but if you have the hardware (check out lirc.org for more info)
> it looks pretty easy to do if you're at all comfortable hacking c.
Yeah, David Hunnisett hinted at this.  I'm wishing that the mythtv docs
weren't as spotty as they are (I know that this project is a HUGE
undertaking and I'm glad people are doing it...I just wish the info was
easier to get to!).  Reading some of the change log (5/30/2002): "Modified
things to work with the remote a little better, and added some example
lirc config files to CVS".  So I guess the lirc stuff is making it's way
in, but I don't know how fully it's implemented.

And here's something else I dug up from someone's blog:

"I want to mention that over the weekend I was able to do something that I
think is very cool... using XMLTV, mythepg (part of the MythTV package),
and a bit of hacking, I was able to get a working on screen programming
guide for my Linux machine when watching TV on it, and it's LIRC enabled,
which means I can sit back, call up the program guide, surf around to find
something to watch, press a button and it changes the TV channel to that
program. Very sweet."

I guess I should look more closely at the LIRC stuff, huh?

Thanks for all the info,