[mythtv] Streaming video

tarek Lubani mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 23 Oct 2002 01:36:57 -0400

Hey guys!

I have not yet scoured the mailing list archives for something on this, but 
from my prelim. searches on the topic and some previous experience, i don't 
think it's been addressed..

My questions:

1) What are thoughts on getting Myth setup to stream? I'm trying to figure 
out what exactly is going on with the .nuv.. i looked around for a free 
(GPL?) video streaming thingi on linux a while back, but didn't find 
anything suitable for even the most basic tasks.. Would it be at all 
suitable here to just share the .nuv file, and then run some sort of media 
player that doesn't care about end of file? i.e., it'll keep going past it? 
that may pose some problems, but may work.. Other than that, has any 
consideration been given to how this would happen?

2) Can I setup Mythtv to play a DVD (by launching another program?), or to 
play some of my pre-existing movie/Simpsons episode collection? I've seen a 
few curious scripting things that seem like they would make this quite 
easy.. If scripting can be used to accomplish this (without caveats), then 
that sort of simple answer is all I need, and I'll pursue it further..

3) I love myth, but the documentation seems to be slightly lacking.. Can I 
contribute to the documentation effort?

Thank ye

tarek : )