[mythtv] minimum required horsepower?

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Thu, 17 Oct 2002 14:19:10 -0400

On Thursday 17 October 2002 09:48 am, John Tapper wrote:
> I'm running a PII 400 MHz box, and it seems to be a bit too slow to use the
> power of mythtv's live pausing etc. features.  Is there a way to completely
> disable the live capturing of the tv stream and simply watch television
> normally?
> I'd still like to use mythtv for movies/music and the program guide, and if
> I can still get the tv working through it (without the pausing/recording)
> that would be great.
> any optimization tips appreciated

There's no way to do that with the current setup.  Someone could add it, if 
they so desired. but it'd require a little reworking of the some things.