[mythtv] Future plans.

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 13 Oct 2002 02:38:09 -0400

So, here's what I'd like to see/do for the 0.7 release:

  - Fix any bugs that people find in the 0.6 release.
  - My wife wants an image gallery thing, so I'm going to whip one up.

  - Include Stefan's forthcoming patch to get the filldatabase stuff working 
for his xmltv grabber.
  - Do initial releases of Chuck's game frontend and Thor's web interface 
(which I didn't include a pre-release of in 0.6 since I realized that the 
addition of the per-channel recording mode has probably messed it up a bit).

Anyway, I'm going to try to get back onto a faster release schedule than the 
almost 2 months since the 0.5 release.  That was just excessively long, 
especially considering the number of major changes that went into the 0.6 

After the 0.7 release, these are my preliminary plans (in no particular 

 - More playlist support in mythmusic.
 - Per-recording/capture card/etc encoding quality settings.
 - Some rudimentary editing features (cut out commercials, basically)
 - The ability to schedule re-encoding a video for archival purposes..
 - Work on supporting separate playback and record boxes (and multiple of 
 - GUI setup dialogs.

Additional feature contributions are of course extremely welcome.  I've had 
people mention that they would like to work on radio support, a simple 
frontend for playback of random video files, and other stuff that I'm 
forgetting right now.  Anything anyone wants to contribute would be most 
excellent.  Adding a button to the main menu to just play (using a different 
player program, of course) a DVD/VCD/etc if there's one in the drive would be 
fairly easy for someone to do, for instance..  More menu and/or OSD themes 
would be cool, too.

Anyway, things will (of course) pan out differently, but I figured I'd put 
together a little roadmap while my DSL was getting hammered =)