[mythtv] no picture, no sound ... ?

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sat, 12 Oct 2002 11:37:59 -0400

On Saturday 12 October 2002 09:45 am, Dr. J. S. Pezaris wrote:
>    Well, you could run it in gdb and hit ctl-c after it hangs trying to
> setup the video output, see where it is and all that.
> My naive attempt to run mythtv under gdb (which I might have used once
> before a few years ago) resulted in a hard system lockup before getting
> very far, so I'm sorry to say that info isn't going to be readily
> available.  But when run normally, mythtv doesn't appear to hang -- since
> the ringbuf.nuv file grows at what seems to be a reasonable rate, and the
> process consumes only 30-40% of available CPU.  So it looks like it's
> running fine, except for the lack of display.

No, it's hanging.  It should either be printing an error message saying why it 
couldn't setup the Xv stuff, or saying what Xv port it was using after it 
sucessfully set it up.  It's not doing either, so it's hanging =)

You said xawtv only works when you use the -noxv switch?  I assume it hangs as 

> Is there some other tool that understands the .nuv format that I can use to
> check if the contents of ringbuf.nuv is valid?

Nope, there's not.  Well, if you record an entire program and then go to the 
'Watch a Recording' screen in mythfrontend, it'll play a little preview video 
of the file, without sound..