[mythtv] Database problem?

Calvin Harrigan mythtv-dev@snowman.net
11 Oct 2002 23:32:55 -0400

On Friday 11 October 2002 11:47 am, Isaac Richards wrote:
> On Friday 11 October 2002 10:47 am, calvinharrigan@earthlink.net
> > Hi all,
> > 	I have another epg related issue.  If I go to set up a recording
> > the epg screen, the programs exits on fatal error.  Something along
> > lines of:
> >
> > Invalid cardid = -1
> > (Sorry, not at the actual machine right now.)
> >
> > I thought it was a database problem so I deleted the entire database
> > rebuilt it all from scratch.
> Same error message after you redid your db?  It's the exact same
problem as
> you emailed about before, I just changed the error message to be a
> more useful =)

Oh, and if I could get the same info from you as I asked the other guy
the database problem -- contents of the capturecard, videosource,
and a couple lines from the channel table (and maybe the appropriate
that triggered the recording?), that'd be great..  would like to make
it's just a setup issue, and not a bug in the code.


Here is the data from the database you requested.  The program seems to
be failing at the runsheduler function the main.cpp file for myfrontend.
Here's a new twist, If I try to start the program back up right away it
exits with the same error, wait a while (15 minutes?) it starts back up
fine!  It's very consistent.  Hope this helps.

cardid, videodevice,audiodevice,cardtype audioratelimit
1,/dev/video0,	/dev/dsp,	V4L,	0

sourceid, name
1, wintv

1,	1,	1,	Television,			N
2,	1,	1,	Composite1,			N
3,	1,	1,	S-Video,		        N
4,	1,	1,	Composite3,			N

channel table:

(1010,20021007170000,20021007173000,'Moesha','Guess Q\'s Coming to
Dinner','Moesha finally convinces her father to let Q come over for
(1010,20021007173000,20021007180000,'Moesha','For Better or
Worse','Niecy gets engaged to an Army recruit who expects her to stay at
(1010,20021007180000,20021007190000,'Judge Mathis','','A mother\'s
utility bills ruins a man\'s credit.','Reality');
(1010,20021007190000,20021007193000,'The Jamie Foxx Show','One Flew Over
the County\'s Nest','Jamie must convince orderlies he is
(1010,20021007193000,20021007200000,'The Hughleys','It\'s a Wonderful
Life','Darryl wonders what life would be like if he had married a white
(1010,20021007200000,20021007203000,'The Parkers','High Heels and
Videotapes','Nikki blackmails the school\'s dean to hire back Professor
(1010,20021007203000,20021007210000,'One on One','Unemployment Up, Pride
Down','Flex loses his sportscasting job; Breanna\'s mother moves
(1010,20021007210000,20021007213000,'Girlfriends','Secrets and
Eyes','The girls discover that Toni has been hiding her true
(1010,20021007213000,20021007220000,'Half and Half','The Big Crappy
Birthday Episode','Dee Dee tries to get closer to Mona by planning a
joint birthday party.','Situation');
Proposal','Frasier escorts Lana to a surprise birthday party while
trying to woo her friend.','Comedy');
(1010,20021007223000,20021007230000,'Frasier','RDWRER','Niles gets
separated from Frasier and Martin during a trip to Idaho on New Year\'s
(1010,20021007230000,20021007233000,'The Hughleys','Storm O\' the
Century','On the way to a ski trip, a storm forces the Hughleys to stop
at a haunted hotel.','Comedy');
(1010,20021007233000,20021008000000,'Sanford & Son','Blood Is Thicker
Than Junk','Lamont goes to work for a competitor.','Comedy');
(1011,20021007010000,20021007013000,'Hal Lindsey','','','Spiritual');
 1011,20021007013000,20021007020000,'Christian World
(1030,20021013010000,20021013013000,'The Flying Nun','With Friends Like
Him, Who Needs ...','Sister Bertrille assists accident-prone Brother
(1030,20021013020000,20021013023000,'The Dick Van Dyke
Show','Bupkiss','An old song Rob co-wrote is about to become a
(1030,20021013023000,20021013030000,'Barney Miller','The Election','A
woman sends an unusual plea for help.','Comedy');
(1030,20021013030000,20021013033000,'The Brady Bunch','Mail Order
Hero','Bobby tells his friends he knows Joe Namath.','Comedy');
(1030,20021013033000,20021013040000,'Superman','Machine That Could Plot
Crimes','Superman outwits a computer plotting perfect crimes.','Crime');