[mythtv] mythtv and tv_grab_sn

Brian Lund Larsen mythtv-dev@snowman.net
11 Oct 2002 22:40:35 +0200

I'm in Denmark and have sofar only been able to use the livetv feature
of mythtv.

However I recently saw that xmltv has gained a tv_grabber for
norway/sweden (tv_grab_sn) and the source it uses also provides danish
tv listings.

I've been playing around with it, but mythfilldatabase doesn't work with
it at all, first off - atleast on my system, the option --output causes
it to fail and I have been working around that by manually running
tv_grab_sn > tmpfile. it also lacks <channel> tags and I have been
adding those manually to allow mythfilldatabase to add the channels to
mysql and thats as far as I have come, no program information is added
to the database.

So - I've been wondering if someone else have worked on it too, maybe
even gotten it to fill a database - if so, I would love to hear about

Best regards,