[mythtv] Experiences

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 9 Oct 2002 11:18:22 -0400

On Wednesday 09 October 2002 10:16 am, David Watson wrote:
> I figured I would add my list of gotcha's to the archives for other
> people's benefit. First, my experiences with Linux are at least
> 5 years old.  I'm much more comfortable with BSD, so some of
> this might be obvious to Linux veterans.
> Muting the line-in took me a while to figure out.  I went through
> several mixers that thought that muting meant setting the levels
> to zero.  alsamixer finally did the trick, but it took me a while.
> Looking at the FAQ, I see something new has been added about using
> ALSA and 'Capture,' unfortunately it still doesn't make complete
> sense to me - probably because I barely understand how the sound
> drivers work under linux.
> I also had a bit of a problem with xmltv choking on internatioanl
> characters.  I finally resorted to modifying XMLTV.pm to explicitly
> request ISO-8859-1 when creating an XML parser.  Once again, I
> suspect that this could also be fixed by configuring Linux to use
> locales correctly.

That problem should be gone using the mythfilldatabase program in CVS..

> Other than that, my other problems seem to have been fixed by
> upgrading to the latest CVS version.  

That's why I'm putting a release out at the end of this week =)

> I do still have a ground
> loop between the computer and the Cable that it causing
> some noise.  I've found various isolators, but I'd be interested
> in hearing some first hand experience from somebody that has solved
> this before.

I have a "MAGIC Box" isolator (sold on klipsch.com) right after the cable 
comes into my house.  Works well, but it was rather pricey, IIRC.

> I'd eventually like to add some functionality to time shift radio,
> so if somebody is already working on this please let me know.

That'd be fairly cool..  someone had mentioned working on radio support, but I 
don't think anything's been started.